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Green Island Ficus

Botanical Name:  Ficus Microcarpa
Cold Hardiness Zone: 10

The Green Island Ficus is grown in the landscape as a mounding shrub up to 8 feet tall, or as a low, cascading ground cover. Of course, as a ground cover, it will need to be sheared from time to time to maintain its desired height and width. Aside from trimming now and then, this is a great plant for the “Brown Thumb” gardener because once it is established it doesn’t require any regular maintenance. It doesn’t require any special soil type, any special watering requirements, and will survive nicely without regular fertilizer treatments. It is an extremely slow growing plant, so trimming constantly, like so many other Ficus plants require, is not necessary. And since it is a small plant, you don’t have the problem of destructive root system that is so prevelant with other common Ficus plants. It is a tropical plant, so it will have to be moved inside for climates where the temperature falls below freezing.

As an indoor plant the Green Island Ficus performs superbly. It can take low light levels that would end the life of others plants quickly. Its slow growth means that you won’t have to worry about trimming and repotting frequently. It doesn’t have a high water requirement so not to worry if you forget to water it once in a while. And finally, it is not known to be susceptable to disease. All of these positives also makes it an extremely desirable plant for use as a tropical Bonsai speciman.

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